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JTGBTP * 3D PVC Bloedgroep Patch * A92


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JTGBTP * 3D PVC Bloedgroep Patch * A92

  • 3D pvc
  • formaat: 50 x 26 mm.
  • voorzien van velcro aan de achterzijde

Specially manufactured top quality flexible PVC patch in 3D.
– Size: 50 x 26mm
– Molded contour for shape
– Velcro hook side backing is stitched onto PVC for high durability and years of use
– Designed to be attached to any nylon gear and apparel with Velcro loop side swatches
– Perfect to add a little edge to your patrol cap, boonie hat, Asault Pack, Fleece – Softshell or other jacket, and more!

These “Bloodtype” Patch add a little edge to what ever gear or apparel you are using. We used the best materials and construction on this product to give you years of repeat use.
The following major blood group with RH factor are available: A POS, A NEG, B POS, B NEG, AB POS, AB NEG, 0 POS, 0 NEG

PVC Patches changed the history of embroidery. Not only due to quality and resilience, but also because of the infinite designs and smooth colours with printing in 2D or 3D technology. PVC Patches are made to last and will withstand all weather effects. They can be made in all sizes and shapes, stitched directly to an item or simply with Velcro on the back so you can stick them anywhere you want.

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