DOCK08 * Klick Fast Screws
DOCK08 * Klick Fast Dock Screws * K2
24 januari 2020
DOCK05BL * Leather Belt loop + Klick Fast Dock
24 januari 2020
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DOCKMV * Klick Fast Molle System * K2


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DOCKMV * Klick Fast Molle System * K2

Klick Fast Molle System dock with press studded double material straps on rear to match molly loops.

The Klick Fast Docks

The wide range of Docks is what make the Klick Fast system so supremely versatile.

There’s a Dock available for every equipment mounting situation: on garments of course, but also on belts, in lockers, on vehicle dashboards, even bicycle handlebars!

Docks can be threaded, sewn, stuck or screwed into place but whichever Dock you use, each one will securely lock your equipment in place, allow you to click it to any of seven positions, and then release it instantly when required.

The Klick Fast System

Our Klick Fast System sets the standard for carrying radios and other equipment. Klick Fast gives users the option of where, and how, to carry their devices.

Klick Fast connector

The slim, durable connector is the heart of the Klick Fast System; it can be added to any of our cases. Simply sliding the connector into any Klick Fast Dock locks it securely in place. Once docked, the equipment can be rotated to any of seven positions and it will remain held in place thanks to Klick Fast’s in-built ratchet positioner. Undocking equipment takes only seconds; simply rotate the case to the inverted position and it slides free.

DOCK08 * Klick Fast Dock Screws


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